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Requirements for Stay

  • All Vaccinations must be up-to-date and copy supplied at start of booking.
  • Your dog(s) must be flea treated and wormed and be up to date with this at time of booking.
  • We cater for small dogs only so your dog must be below 13kg.
  • You must supply your dog(s) regular dog food for their duration of stay.
  • All dogs must be toilet-trained. If they are habitual scent markers they may need to wear a belly wrap.
  • For the safety of all concerned - if your dog(s) have any known aggressive or behavioural issues WE MUST BE INFORMED.
  • We do require that a dog can be able to be left for a short period of 2 hours - and does not bark, howl or become destructive if left. We DO NOT leave dogs for any long periods, but it is necessary that a dog is able to left in case of hairdresser or doctors appointments or food shopping or emergencies as it is not possible to be totally housebound for a one week or 2 week booking. If your dog is not able to meet this criteria then please advise.
  • We cannot board a bitch that is in season.
  • Puppies under 6 months are not catered for. When they reach 6-12 months they are more than welcome to be boarded but do require additional supervision/time/care so this is at a slightly increased rate to reflect this.
  • A completed boarding stay form must be provided which details all the relevant information we require (this is supplied at 'meet and greet').

All dates when confirmed by both parties are held for you and can be paid in full upon collection of your little one following their staycation. We do however require 14 days notice if you no longer require the slot as we do have limited availability and do not take any payment up front. If you cancel within 14 days of booking there is no charge - however if it is later than this then we do require a payment of 25% of the total booking to cover the place held as can be too late to fulfil with any other doggie guests and others may have already been turned down for this space. If it is a case of a travel booking you cannot fulfil due to illness or other reason outside or your control - we are happy to provide proof of booking and fee to your travel insurance company to aid reimbursement via that route.